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We all know that leveling can take a long time. It's very consuming...fun at times, but extremely mundane as well. Our ZYGORS GUIDE is an addon to speed up this process of maxing out your levels in just one week!

Written and extensively tested by professional gamers (and World of Warcraft experts!), this will work for you, no matter if you are a horde or alliance player. You simply follow the directions and your experience increases from 1 to 90 quickly and (almost) effortlessly. Then, once you have that out of the way, you can start to REALLY enjoy the game fully and get the most out of your WOW experience!

Updates are released constantly so you are always compatible with the latest expansions!

The Zygors guide also comes with the following free bonus guides:

Zygors bonus guides

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The add-on is easy to install and even comes with video instructions. It has been updated to include cataclysm and Mists Of Pandaria and has been checked to insure it does not affect any other mods you may be running. Click the download button to go to the options page and get started now!

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